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About us


SEQW brings together talented companies, from the Seattle & Tri-Cities area for the Latino and ALL communities, where you'll find everything you need to plan your Quince, Sweet Sixteen and Debut. From party planners to caterers, DJs to dresses, for one day, they'll be under one roof. 


Each year brings old and new exhibitors together to display the very best of their products and services. As the industry and expo grows, so does the offerings. A few of you will be lucky enough to walk away with some fabulous prizes but you have to show up!


We'll bring the vendors, fun, prizes, and entertainment – you bring yourself and your family for this ONE DAY EVENT.


Great Tacoma Convention Center

Free Admission (Paid Parking)

October 2nd


From 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Over 60 Booths &
2000+ Attendees

Under one roof

Multiple fashion shows + free raffle entry

You don´t want to miss it!


WE, Seattle Expo Quinceañera, take pride in our shows, and combined with honesty and integrity, we'd love to prove it to you. Into our 5th year, we expand in knowledge, and experience (while having a bit of fun and joking around) and would love to grow with you. We hope you consider this and contact us today for more information and/or to sign-up!


With multiple vendors in each category, we are here to help YOU find great vendors that will fit your needs.


One of the most important aspects of business is "ROI" (return on investment). If you haven't already been to one of our previous expos, we hope this year will be the first. Stalk our social media and if you're not convinced, please walk the show! Our only hope is for YOU and ALL VENDORS to have a successfull show - EQUALLY.

Be Inspired

With over 60 Vendors bringing their best, you'll walk away with a solution to your ideas and possibly new ideas. Bring your ideas as well along with your questions, a pen/pencil and notebook.

Meet New & Returning Vendors

Just like your event, all vendors are different in working methods, ideas & styles, and price range. Budgets are important but picking the right person(s) to work with is about feeling comfortable and not always about budget.

All under
one roof

Collect business cards and be ready to ask questions. Because each event & budget are different, rough estimates for certain services may be given but always follow-up after the event or visit them for a personalized/formal estimate.


Interesting fact: With over 60 Vendors present under one roof, their combined experience is over 600 years. Something to think about...

Statewide Event

In 2017, we added "Weddings" to our name and an Expo East of the mountains. Now you can expect a lot more from us from either side of the mountains.

Free Raffle
& Swag

Because who doesn't like free stuff?! But you have to enter the FREE raffle to win! FREE dresses, event packages, invitations, and more await you!

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