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Planning Your Next Event Will Be A Breeze After You’ve Been to Seattle Expo Quinceañera & Weddings

If you’re reading this blog, it's because you want to know more information on how to plan a stress-free wedding or quinceanera. Well, my job here is to guide you as best as possible while making it a fun experience.

A few things to note before I proceed is, any business we mention in these blogs and newsletters are our Sponsors. Most are small to medium establishments, Latine-owned, and all based in Washington. You are most welcome to contact them for their services– or not. Regardless of your decision, they have some exciting insights for you.

We took a trip to Everett with our Seattle Expo Quinceanera & Wedding (SEQW) Models and Ambassadors to interview Domingo from Piscis Photo + Video Studio and Josy from Dreams Seattle Boutique. We spoke to them to get the inside scoop on their day to day as well as some helpful tips for your next event, here’s what they had to say:


"What I enjoy the most is practically everything but it's mainly getting to know different people, different traditions, and the mixture of the older and younger generation within those traditions.

I recommend communicating with everyone who has been contracted for the event. Having a coordinator would probably be best, so the newlyweds or parents of the quinceanera can enjoy their event.”


“I love it when the Bride or Quinceanera comes out with their dress and has a big smile on their face leaving with the dress they envisioned.

Honestly, plan your wedding or quinceanera a minimum of a year in advance. To program an event this big and important comes with a lot of implications... There’s a shortage and high demand in the dress industry, so dresses are taking more than six months to arrive. It’s very stressful.”

As you read above, both Domingo and Josy made it clear that the planning process is just as important as the execution. If you can splurge on a coordinator– do it! If not, have a friend or family member keep everything in check so you can enjoy your day! Secondly, it is highly recommended to plan ahead. Start looking into everything with a year in advance and start booking 8-9 months in advance. If you have better ways of organizing, send us an email with your experience.

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*interview was originally conducted in Spanish and was later translated to English*


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